Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wooden Flower, based on a cherry blossom

Exquisite Weapon

About the Piece:

The Exquisite Weapon is an interactive installation that evokes Governor's island's historical and transformative nature. The piece is in the shape of an unexploded bomb, with maple seed fins and other biomorphic elements. The weapon illustrates a temporary interruption in the destructive nature of creation. Its skin is composed of two-sided cartoon-like illustrations which evoke the dual nature of the island, its military significance and future ecological harmony. The occupiable cage-like interior of the piece allows the user to rearrange the skin's narrative into their own preferred juxtaposition of the horror of war and an eden-like beatitude. The weapon's tail displays a rotating teleidoscope that allows one to experience the view of a seed falling to earth or the path of a bomb bent on destruction.