Monday, May 30, 2011

FIGMENT minigolf pavilion

I just completed the design and installation of the FIGMENT minigolf pavilion on Governor's Island in New York Harbor. The minigolf course is an important revenue stream for the FIGMENT arts festival and the pavilion is a clear center and organizer of the huge traffic flow through the area. The pavilion was designed to provide shade for the volunteers staffing the course and make it easy to dispense putters, balls and scorecards. The steel frame and CNC cut plywood parts were made by Digifabshop of Hudson, NY.  It's roof was designed using a stressed skin, 'semi-monocoque' plywood structure often used in aircraft construction, and the entire structure was inspired by a 50's 'googie' aesthetic emphasizing traffic flow and signage as important parts of the design. It offers clear queuing, and the counter-top ball ramp is also an arrow pointing directly at the first minigolf hole.

Many thanks to Damon Hamm and all of the volunteers who helped grind, paint and assemble it.

More photos can be seen in this flickr gallery.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CNC cut pewter casting experiments

Moldmaking and casting progress, routing 
MDF with the CNC and melting pewter with
a propane torch 

Governor's island themed medallions, based on
illustrations drawn by Alex Roediger of
Dust Art Collective. 

Medallions for the FIGMENT fundraiser

wax positives of finger hooks

 final pewter finger hooks casting

pewter tile based on an illustration from 
one of the Exquisite Weapon panels

Monday, May 16, 2011

Condo Interior Designs

Some quick renderings of the designs from our Ill-fated India St. house. I designed this renovation of the upper floor apt for our use. Lots of built-in shelving and lighting in the form of a CNC cut plywood grid, folding extension table and integrated upper kitchen cabinets and range hood. Since we lost this house, it won't be happening, some of the ideas might get recycled into our new place though.